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Matrixx provides services in :

In the emerging world economy corporate sector has a vital role to play. Realising this, Matrixx has, over the years, generated a pro-active database for banking and financial sector.

The IT revolution is here and Matrixx is compatible with it. It has a quality and growing database to place young and dynamic people in the areas of telecom, software, hardware, Calls Centres etc.

In the all encompassing area of manufacturing, Matrixx covers barment, rubber, tyre & flrro Industry.

In this growing segment, you can trust Matrixx to give you the best that there is for luxury cruise liners, hotels, resorts, specialized catering facilities and the hospitality industry as a whole.

In the wide ranging field of construction, Matrixx offers experienced and technically savvy man power to mechanical, electrical, pipeline and civil areas. Depending on the recruitments of its clients, Matrixx relies on its rich and vast database to provide its clients just the right talent.

It has always been a core competence area for Matrixx. Over the years, it has placed people in various capacities in Retail Shops, Malls, Showrooms etc.

We offer Our Services in the following verticals:


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